Sonal Ahuja says Stopping children to express their view point on something is like telling them, you don’t matter. Just listen to them, their views comes from research, self reflection, analyses. Take them as your consultants but not as your students. Co creation to be encouraged .

Take children as a life consultant

Sonal Ahuja says Don’t try to change them, just mould them.

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Sonal Ahuja says The word that keeps popping into my head is KINDNESS
Lets find the path towards it

Sonal Ahuja says Never say you can’t, let them try and experience on their own.

Sonal Ahuja says Don’t limit their imaginations with your beliefs.

Sonal Ahuja says When we walk alone, only then we realize the importance of relationships.

Sonal Ahuja says Let kids be excited to evolve, success or failure doesn’t matter.

Sonal Ahuja says Don’t stop children from expressing their emotions, let them open up.

Have you ever thought of giving priority to “YOURSELF”? – Sonal Ahuja

Do what you love to do, and see the change in yourself – Sonal Ahuja

Life is all about Balance – Sonal Ahuja

Position yourself as your child and then see the relationship magically going beautiful – Sonal Ahuja