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When you see a insect and say, “Yuck!”
What does your child say? “Yuck”
Lesson to child: worms are yucky and possibly scary also. Without realizing we close a big learning opportunity for the child: To know more about worms, about nature and food cycle, about aerodynamics or movement, about life.
When you see a flower and say, ‘Beautiful”. What does your child say? “Beautiful” (Even if the child is too small to speak, she appreciates beauty). Lesson to child: Flowers are beautiful, something to appreciate. Maybe without  realizing we have opened one learning opportunity for the child to know more about flowers, designs, nature and to appreciate good things in life.

Children see us, observe our behavior, listen to our words carefully and feel our  feelings. How the adults approach a learning situation, the child learns to approach the same way. If we want our children to be curious, inquisitive, exploratory,
inquiring, we need to see how we approach things in our life.

Many children detest writing. During first few years of child’s life listening and talking is the basic form of communication, while the child sees reading equally important to survive – from signboards to food packets to stories for entertainment. But the child is introduced to writing through writing ABC – which has no connection with child’s life. What motivation will a child have in writing one page of only A’s or B’s. On top of that they are supposed to write the alphabets correctly and neatly. How artificial, uninteresting and laboring can learning made to be?

The moment we let the child write his or her name, family members name, his  wish-list of shopping items, what the child wants to eat, what the child wants to play and so on the motivation is intrinsic, the learning natural. 

Observe – question – investigate and you can learn the science taught in first eight years at home through curiosity and fascination. Somewhere in the process of packaging it in a tin we have made learning to be artificial, something that ‘has’ to be done, something that requires extra effort!

No wonder to many it tastes bland - something that requires the external push and pull of a teacher and marks. But the moment we stop teaching, rather we explore learning with our child, we learn together - by discovering, by doing, applying, by imagining - all from our day to day life. Learning is the most natural thing for a child to do. 

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Innovation in education cannot be achieved by tinkering the current system. It can only be achieved by offering an alternate system – a system which is true to the child and to the objective of edu…

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Happiness and Learning (the dream school)


As far as learning and teaching are concerned , I have always observed children to be able to learn only what they were EAGER to learn- What they set out to learn on their own initiative, what they insisted on learning and what they were ready to work hard at. I felt that the only learning that ever counts in life happens when the learner has thrown himself into the subject on his own, without coaxing, or bribing , or pressure. And I was pretty sure that teachers working with such eager, determined, persistent students would experience unusual satisfaction. In fact, i always thought that such an environment would be a paradise for students and teachers alike.

The first phrase that pops into everyone’s mind is: “We go to Schools to learn“.

Then why don’t children learn more in schools today? Why all the complaints, why the seemingly never -ending struggle and expense just to tread water, let alone to progress? The answer is embarrassingly simple. Schools today are institutions in which “learning” is taken a mean “being taught”. You want children to learn ? Teach them ! You want children to learn more? Teach them more ! And more !Work them harder. Drill them longer.

But Learning is a process you do, not a process that is done to you !

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Your being different brings a different day for you, Try today!

Freedom is the key to live happily..
Freedom is the key to live happily..

Give them freedom ,as freedom is better than control. I have smiled more, giggled more and laughed till belly aches simply because I have let children drive themselves. I have not been their guardian, rather guardian of their freedom.
Its magical when you believe in them, when you learn how to be not FOR them but WITH them. Suddenly emotions, thoughts, knowledge, learning etc all become just reasons to enjoy this togetherness.
Children can be so observant that they will notice every minute detail. Children can be so lost in their fantasies that they ignore everything else. Children can be so goal oriented that they will try all possible ethical and unethical means to achieve it. Children can be so immersed in the process that they give a damn about the outcome. Any which way, they have taught that life is not about A constant, A theory, A structure, A system, A result.

Life is much more than that, just try to be different and feel the change.