Sonal Ahuja, an Educational Alchemist, an Author, a lifelong learner who passionately believes in the power of learning, who has transformed more than 20000 lives, worked with more than 5000+ parents and educators, has collated so many insights, so many perspectives – about learning and life. Supporting effective learning has been her life’s aim.

She started her career at the age of 21. Headed a formal school right at the age, where people think about designing their life, maybe getting into a fascinating career. Her work in a school in a village area, gave her a leap to understand what education system is all about, and what depth is needed to improvise this system. This school was given to her as an inheritance. She took over smartly, brought that school to no 1, with 400 students within 2 years.

After that, she realized, early years of a child are the years that need the most care and nurturing. Her realization took her to dive further in qualifying herself,  in early childhood education, to understand children better and bring resourceful change in the sector of education.  

As a consequence came up   Shri Ram Foundation preschools that she had set with the vision to bringing the best in early childhood settings.

Apart from being an early childhood education expert, she also has diplomas in child and educational psychology from an academy founded in Galway, Ireland. She is also certified on GCC(Global career Counseling) by UCLA’s extension program. She is an active member of the American Psychology Association and NAEYC.

Schools set up by her became the benchmarks for the other preschools. Today the schools set up by her are financially and by name at par with one of the best brands. She thought that she can spread her schools to different areas and for some time started thinking about getting into FRANCHISING.

Sonal embarked on a journey to researching about franchising. After 2-3 months of research, meeting different people of the sector, meeting the promoters, meeting the consultants, she realized it is not what SHE wanted to pursue.

She wanted to bring the settings that UNDERSTAND children and their ways. Unfortunately, none of the settings could validate, when she visited a few during her research. BIG names, BIG promises but NO clear visuals were seen in preschools.

This forced her to rethink about her next rung of the ladder she had embarked on.  She climbed her next rung and named it as HOUSE OF LEARNING.

HOL was established with a vision to touch lives, to empower parents, educators, entrepreneurs, professionals, and students. HOL is today comprised of over 22000 active members on social media, topmost schools of Delhi NCR and is a quite well-known organization.

SONAL took two good years to understand what are the needs of people, where she realized people need to SHIFT IN MIND. The way people think is the way they design their life is what she strongly banged on. She knew that life is all about what choices one makes. Her journey towards setting her LEGACY started now.

In the whole process, she also DECODED things about human behaviour and NOW she is ready to tell tales to people and bring a wonderful shift in their life.

Ms. Sonal Ahuja has initiated a program called ‘Apna Time Aayega’ with the guidance of Mr. Chanderjit Devgan, Secretary – Delhi Legal Services Authority (DLSA), to aid the rehabilitation of juveniles. She trained specialists with regards to the nervous system science of children; helping them create a change in the juvenile’s life when they interact with the children and in turn, enable each of these young adults to succeed in the long run. Additionally, she united professionals from various fields who would contribute to the project and make it successful.

Her work on language acquisition has been acknowledged by NCERT. She has worked in close proximity with Delhi Legal Services Authority for spreading awareness against child abuse.

She has been invited as the guest speaker in many seminars on topics issues revolving around, the schools of tomorrow & innovative practices in the education system. She headed the Early Childhood Association for four years from 2015-2019 as a territory head in Delhi. She was also a speaker at the World Forum Foundation, 2019 in Macau.

She has designed & delivered numerous training sessions on topics pertaining to communication skills, time management, team management, goal setting, business etiquette and neuro-linguistic programming to educate parents, children and educators.

She has been working with individuals to facilitate behavioural changes to elevate the quality of life. Her approach is to help individuals unblock emotional traumas. She has also efficiently worked with businesses and organizations to design and implement interventions that aid in improving skills, shifting mindsets, instilling capabilities, thus empowering employees, developing leaders, and managing talent.

Her efforts have thus ensured a successful and sustainable change resulting in improved performances leading to enhanced organisational culture as well as bottom lines.

Sonal Ahuja, open up new windows for people to have a better perspective and hence making their life full of happiness and new learnings in a COMPRESSED time. 


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