Ms. Sonal Ahuja at IDA connect conference

Ms.Sonal Ahuja, Educational Alchemist and Founder, House of Learning recently attended an IDA Connect Conference on ‘Developing Mindsets for STEM Education along with various other education trainers and K12 principals.

The conference stressed upon the fact that stem learning is the new dawn for this age of learning. It is incredibly inclusive and discipline-based and takes into consideration the ever changing, dynamic roles of teachers in student-centered classrooms and the various pedagogical approaches it brings in.

STEM curriculum is aligned with its relevance and its effectiveness with employability and future jobs, making it relevant as well as current, the two basics needed for assured success.

The conference also concentrated upon experiential learning which has the ability to shift the paradigm towards an intrinsic understanding of science and technology and in turn offer solutions to real-world problems.

It was also noted that mathematics, as a core subject, is integrally mandatory to learning and that mathematical models can be applied to teach other disciplines of learning as well.

Sonal believes that anything is possible. Taking an example of an old building which needs renovation every now and then, she says “It would always be a better idea to demolish the whole building and build it again instead of wasting precious time and energy trying to salvage its scraps. In the same way, we need to start from the beginning for our teaching methods and build a more organised and well-built system.”

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