Drive Technology, Don’t Get Driven by it- an Expert’s Opinion!

As an educator and a guide to parents for years, one significant concern that has risen over the last ten years is the addiction to technology- mobiles, tablets, virtual games, social media challenges and much more.

Every time I get a chance to interact with parents or teachers, the emergence of this discussion seems inevitable. According to my viewpoint, it is extremely crucial for parents to understand the repercussions of it much before the children- because ultimately, children are a reflection of what they see.

It is undeniably true that technology or robots have reduced human efforts and has made life much easier. However, the problem arises when the technology starts driving us and not vice-versa.

Here are a few things that must be taken into consideration-


The most commonly heard complaint from parents is that their children do not spend enough time with them because of their constant engagement with their mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. This ends up in lack of effective communication between parents and children which ultimately results is affected emotional relationships which leave people disheartened and sometimes drives them into depression as well.

Setting some rules in your household (for example, no mobile phones should be allowed on the dining table, while studying or talking to the parent) are essential in order to ensure stable emotional relationships.


According to doctors and other specialists, a person (child or adult) must engage in moderate or vigorous physical activities for 60 minutes a day. With the technological advancement, things have tended to reach doorsteps at the click of a finger and therefore, have made the young generation lazy and lethargic.

Parents must encourage children to explore the surroundings or indulge them in physical activities in order to ensure physical and mental well-being.


Majority of the brain development happens in the early childhood days and every individual continues to evolve depending upon the experiences, parent rearing styles, educational institutions and peer groups. Experts have assured that there’s just one way to ensure brain development- use it!

With excessive exposure to robots and the virtual world, the use of brain will not be much, therefore, the neural connection will not form at the rate that a human brain should do- this harms the neurological development.


We live in a world that is beautiful and exquisite in every sense. Technology, to some extent, has created the mental state called boredom. It has fed children and adults with so much that in its absence; they feel bored and subsequently become unaware of their surroundings, which are completely full of new adventures each day. We are unaware of those because as we try to explore something we haven’t come across before, we have technology at our dispersal to express and overcome boredom.

We are now living in a world that is increasingly being designed to depress us, where love is being subjected to conditions, where people are no longer living their version of themselves, where motivation fails to last very long, where people have put up their lives online and they no longer crave for words and depth, desires and fears. It’s extremely important to ensure that we drive and guide technology and not get driven by it!


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