Learning How to Learn

learning how to learn (3)

From where does education begin for a child?

As per my understanding as an educator and as a parent, real education begins before a person learns to speak and continues throughout their entire life.

Children learn through their surroundings and all their future success, happiness and forthcomings depend on their ability to learn from these surroundings.

We all have significantly observed that this ability is stronger in infants than adults. As we grow up and start dwelling ourselves into the prevailing education system, we start adopting clichéd methods of learning and ultimately what we gain is not wisdom but just information- an information that doesn’t stay with us and withers away in no time.

It’s crucial to understand that learning is the key to a child’s future. But did you know there are tricks to learn?

Have you ever thought of teaching them those tricks, those simple methods that can make learning a joyful experience for your child?

House of Learning has exclusively designed programs that make children and adults undergo the process of learning in the most systematic and organized manner.

Listed are a few pointers that we work on-


Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Most of the times, the concepts, and learning structures are designed in a way that the learner starts finding ways to escape studying. The idea is to create the want in a learner to know and to gain knowledge.

If your child would want to learn something, they’ll do it in every possible way. We must make them believe that there’s no end to the plethora of knowledge in this world and thinking you know it all wouldn’t work.

The idea is to drive the urge for knowledge in them- learning will become fun in itself!


Learning is not only reading about anything and grabbing information. It is actually about studying and asking a lot of questions.

We must liberate the child to be open to clearing all their doubts while they learn- this will help them explore and discover more and more.

The problem that prevails is that people are not aware of the right way to study and therefore learning becomes difficult for them.


Are you telling your child to learn from a textbook because he/she has a test to pass?

The race to finish curriculums, score exceptionally great and be the topper of the class leads to practices like rot learning and muddling information.

Every child has a pace with which he/she learns- but the whole rat race finishes their thirst for knowledge and leaves them helpless.


Someone has rightly said, if you’re not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.

It’s imperative to acknowledge that how we learn is a much more important question than why we learn.

There are some tricks and techniques that educators have to make learning an interesting endeavor for a child. Overcoming barriers that disrupt the learning process is an extremely important step.

The solution is to identify them. We have to follow the right process to learn anything.

House of Learning aspires to bestow the students and educators (be it parents or teachers) the gift of learning, the gift of wisdom!


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