Are You Teaching Your Child the Right Set of Values?

Punctuality, respecting others, obeying authorities, following orderly routines, honesty, orientation, curiosity, persistence, rigor of thinking- all parents and teachers spend their entire lives imbibing good values into children.

But don’t you think, when with changing times, we have evolved ourselves in all other aspects of life, we need to broaden our perspectives when it comes to teaching children the right set of values too, the ones that are the need of the hour?

I say so because as a human being, I’ve witnessed the changing times and as a learning evangelist and trainer, I have also seen how these times have significantly affected the entire arena of child development.

Times in which the parents and teachers of today have grown up are entirely different from those in which our children are growing up! Our everyday challenges, chores, tasks are not similar to the ones our children undertake now.

Therefore, when it comes to imbibing values in them, we need to work on the level of intentions rather than instructions.

As per my experience of years of interaction with children, parents, and teachers from all walks of lives, these are a few of the CORE VALUES that we must inculcate in our child’s life-


All children are born experimenters. It’s amazing how they keep experimenting with everything that comes in their way without any hesitation or fear.

But what happens to this fearlessness as they grow up? Are we putting too much pressure on them to follow the mainstream?

You must remember that the more the child tries, the more the child explores. The more the child explores that more the child learns. The more the child learns, the more the child gathers raw material and tools for life!

Therefore, teach your child to value experiment. Even if they fail, they’ll definitely learn.


Is your child able to judge his/her own conscience or simply acts without thinking? That’s where feelings come into the picture!

You must teach your child to be conscious of his or her feelings. Let their awareness of their feelings be a guide to what they should do and what they should not do.

Once this awareness comes, their behavior automatically becomes more regulated and their days become more rewarding and joyous.


As a child learns to experiment and be conscious of those, it is equally important to imbibe the value of reflection in them.

Once they’re in a situation, teach them the value of reflecting on their actions and introspecting their decisions. This will help them be thoughtful, make better decisions and progress in life.


Living in a world where a major chunk of people are following a standard set of rules and running in the rat race, we too limit ourselves, form opinions, create assumptions, jump to conclusions, develop preconceived notions and mentally block ourselves about things, people, and situations.

We open multiple pathways of growth and happiness when we move away from judgmental about what’s good or bad, right or wrong.

We must teach our children from the beginning the value of being effective and constantly improve themselves through being flexible and open.


We can’t possibly cut effectively from the blunt side of a knife and there’s no point sharpening it too.

You should rather further sharpen the sharp edge and to make it more incisive. Then with minimum effort, you will be able to create maximum effect.

Therefore, teach your child to be confident about their strength and passion. Valuing their strength will further boost their confidence to do exceptionally well.

More than teaching about honesty, responsibility, loyalty, humility, justice, respect etc., you should rather teach children these and let them experience, understand and choose whichever values they want to use to lead their own life with honor and happiness.


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