That’s What the Education System Lacks

Recently, while delivering a talk at one of the reputed schools, a child from the senior grade raised his hand and asked me a question that made me ascertain some crucial aspects of the education system.

His question was, “What should I do for better grades?”

I asked why grades were so important to him to which he responded, “That’s how you get into a good college which ultimately gives you a stable job”.

I don’t need to emphasize the importance of education in building a strong nation! But there are loopholes that are destroying the actual abilities of children and killing their creativity as individuals.

Let’s have a look at some of them-


As Jim Rohn has rightly quoted, “If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to set for the ordinary”.

Our education system follows the standard set of rules and regulations that have been passed over the generations. Mistakes and risks are the last things schools and parents allow the child to take.

How will children learn unless they don’t experiment? This ultimately forces them to follow the mainstream and shuns their ability to think out of the box.


Since childhood, we are forced to work hard on different subjects where we’re expected to score magnificently well in each one of them. What if the child is good at literature and mathematics doesn’t interest him/her?

But the kind of pressure and fear of failure parents and teachers inculcate in a child’s mind leads him/her to focus on abilities rather than the creative capacity and expertise.

Schools believe that it is imperative to create a standard curriculum for students to follow. However, it is not mandatory. Schools can create divisions depending upon different areas of interests which students can freely choose from!


Attending school, memorizing facts and reading lessons is entirely different from gaining knowledge and experiencing learning.

It is not important if a student is studying, he/she might learn out of it too.

Learning is an experiential concept. Being in environments that are learning-oriented, moving beyond textbooks and indulging into discussions is much more important than memorizing information.


Competition and comparison have led to severe problems. Students, from the very beginning, are encouraged to be amongst the “top five” in the class thereby, igniting the spirit of competition.

It is this pressure only that has led to suicide cases over the years.

Therefore, it is crucial to accept how every child is unique, has different interests and will find a way to a sustainable life.

The purpose of education is to bring out the best in a child. Let’s make sure they don’t lose themselves in the process!





One thought on “That’s What the Education System Lacks

  1. Very true….we need to plug in the loopholes as you have said… mindsets have to change only then we can dream of raising children into adults who can think independently and be individuals in true sense of the word


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