Happiness and Learning (the dream school)


As far as learning and teaching are concerned , I have always observed children to be able to learn only what they were EAGER to learn- What they set out to learn on their own initiative, what they insisted on learning and what they were ready to work hard at. I felt that the only learning that ever counts in life happens when the learner has thrown himself into the subject on his own, without coaxing, or bribing , or pressure. And I was pretty sure that teachers working with such eager, determined, persistent students would experience unusual satisfaction. In fact, i always thought that such an environment would be a paradise for students and teachers alike.

The first phrase that pops into everyone’s mind is: “We go to Schools to learn“.

Then why don’t children learn more in schools today? Why all the complaints, why the seemingly never -ending struggle and expense just to tread water, let alone to progress? The answer is embarrassingly simple. Schools today are institutions in which “learning” is taken a mean “being taught”. You want children to learn ? Teach them ! You want children to learn more? Teach them more ! And more !Work them harder. Drill them longer.

But Learning is a process you do, not a process that is done to you !

Its Completely Basic……..