Your being different brings a different day for you, Try today!

Freedom is the key to live happily..
Freedom is the key to live happily..

Give them freedom ,as freedom is better than control. I have smiled more, giggled more and laughed till belly aches simply because I have let children drive themselves. I have not been their guardian, rather guardian of their freedom.
Its magical when you believe in them, when you learn how to be not FOR them but WITH them. Suddenly emotions, thoughts, knowledge, learning etc all become just reasons to enjoy this togetherness.
Children can be so observant that they will notice every minute detail. Children can be so lost in their fantasies that they ignore everything else. Children can be so goal oriented that they will try all possible ethical and unethical means to achieve it. Children can be so immersed in the process that they give a damn about the outcome. Any which way, they have taught that life is not about A constant, A theory, A structure, A system, A result.

Life is much more than that, just try to be different and feel the change.